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Justin Diamond


Texture Artist

Commercial VFX


2024 REEL

Commercial Stills

Commercial Work


"Pursuit of Magnificence"

This is the first of 3 films The Mill is producing for Cartier Middle East. They celebrate Jacques Cartier’s successful trip to the Middle East in the early 1900s. My part in this film was the creation of the intro text, Boat and ‘waves’ and the net that melts into a mosque ceiling.



"Hydro Silk"

Following our campaign featuring a male robot, we created this Lara Croft type female robot who leaps over rivers and escapes peril. I was responsible for modeling the robot and some of the bg props.



"The Piccards"

The fascinating story of the family who held the record for highest flight, and lowest submerged depth. I built the gondola (the first bathyscaphe, the FNRS-2)and submarine (The Trieste).


Feature Film and Television Work

Film Work

Film/TV Stills


Film/TV Reel

ParaNorman / Laika

(not currently in Reel)

Laika's 2012 Stop Motion kid’s 'horror' film. I was a rapid prototype modeler. My responsibilities were to interpret concept sculpts into usable puppet heads, then design the interior of the heads to allow the face to be removed and swapped for facial animation. This face to the right was actually modeled by me before being textured and printed to fit onto a fabricated puppet.


Legend of the Guardians / Animal Logic

Originally titled “Guardians of Ga’hoole”, I worked on Legends for about 20 months in Sydney, Australia. I was a set modeler, building non-interactive props, sets and doing set layout. This was also the first film that I utilized Zbrush.


Surf's Up / Sony Imageworks

Surf’s Up was my second job and one I am still incredibly proud of. I was responsible for the entirety of Shiverpool (minus the ‘teeth’ and some floating ice) as well as a ton of various rock and wood assets throughout the film (including this ‘bad’ board that Cody made in the image here). It was a relatively small team for a fully animated feature and everyone had a lot to do and had a blast doing it.

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